3D Printed Rack-Mount Cable Holder

I have a confession to make. I’ve steered clear of maker spaces. I wouldn’t even hold onto a friends PLA print for the night… I just couldn’t do it. ABS? I dreamt of it, but I’d never again. I swore it.

But then, the friendly Amazon delivery person dropped this on the front porch.

Thanks Big Daddy Bezos.

Flashforge Adventurer 3

But Your Title Says "3D Rack Mount Cable Holder"...

Right right, whatever “random internet person” who doesn’t have a vested interest in my life or ramblings. Yeah, I’m talking to you! Here’s your precious STL link:

Thingiverse Link to 3D Rack Mounted Cable Holder!!!

And it works beauty! Check it out.

3D Printed Rack Mount Cable Holder in Action
Oh, I'm back. And I'm printing away all of life's problems.

Back to Rambling

Now that we’re alone, dear reader, back to my life.

I printed a few different wall mounted cable holders, but they all fell off the wall. I didn’t want to screw anything in so I was just using double sided tape. My reasoning: I didn’t want to ruin the wall.

Hole in Wall

The wife wasn’t thrilled, but she loves me so it was an easy fix.

Fixed Hole in the Wall
Perfect, good as new.

Anyways, the point being, I needed something that wasn’t going to ruin anything else, but was going to hold my cables. Since it didn’t exist on everyone’s favourite website, thingiverse, I decided I would steal someone else’s design and throw an arm on it.

3D Printed Rack Mount Cable Holder
Pretty sweet for plagiarism, eh?

I’m just kidding around, this was all kosher. I “remixed” someone else’s work. And it turned out really nice! So please, print this bad boy.

That's it? That's the Blog this Week?

No need to be indignant with your headers there. Ya, that’s it for this week, so what? Clearly I’m not being self conscious about it, because you’re the one who brought it up.


Rack Mount Cable Holder Far Shot

Oh oh, and I’m gonna print it in ABS soon! That will make it nice and strong and it will hang forever on my Startech 12U Rack. I bought my rack at Amazon linked here. I don’t know how to make money off Amazon links, so click away young reader, and know that I do not profit off your clicks… at least not yet…

So like, yeah! Stay tuned, I’m going to be posting a new build diary next week, and maybe even a shot of the Buchla!

The what? I never said Buchla!

TO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!! And if you’re mad this isn’t a build diary, check out this one where I build the Isn’tses Fort Processor. Or maybe something more Euro-Racky, like the CLASSIC Westlicht PER|FORMER build.

Either which way, have a beauty week out there team, and keep it samesies.

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