Sorry out there team. Missed Sunday, and you ain’t gettin’ much of a blog this week. 

Or next week, sadly. I am currently on the road, battling COVID-19 settlements and the roaming sentient robots. 

Sorry if you came here on Sunday looking for that hot hot blog content. You thought it was SWN week, didn’t you? 

LOOK! An old DIY picture! Remember? You love this!

So, my apologies Rack-Heads and DI-Y-notters. Nothing this week, hopefully something small next week. 

Go check some of my old content if you’re dying. Check it, we got some Threshold build action for quad oscillating goodness. Do you like them Monome things? Bam, Teletype Build Part 1, Teletype Build Part 2. Don’t look at the Stripboard Synth, please for the love of God. But definitely check out the SMR Build. Want some review action? How about MIDI Guitar 2 or LPZW’s Pocket Operator Eurorack adapter? Lots of good stuff…just not this week or next week. Maybe next week. Not sure yet. 


ANYWAYS. Have a grand old week there crew. Goodbye Goodbye!  

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