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HAAAAAAAAAPPY Sunday. Sunday bloggy Sunday, and we’re finally talking DIY again… I really have to build that SWN, or else I don’t think anyone will ever visit this site again. Speaking of which, SWN PCBs are on the way! Exciting times if you’re a massive Eurorack dork.

Anyways, lets talk ELECTRIC DRUID.



Electric Druid Logo
Solid name. Very solid name.

What’s electric druid? From what I gather, it’s a guy named Tom Wiltshire. I don’t know much about him, but anyone who makes a Star Trek TNG reference/joke for a product launch has to be AT LEAST a decent hombre.

Next Generation Electric Druid
This guy is my dude.

Anyways, I’m not doing much in the way of answering questions. Tom’s website has a bunch of cool chips that he has created to help people build guitar stompbox effects and synthesizers, or really whatever they fancy. I’d created fantasy carts a few times on the site, but now that the COVID has my impulse spending at max power, it was high time to pull the trigger on one of those carts.

Electric Druid Order
It shipped in what felt like an instant after I purchased. Thanks Tom!

So set your phasers to “disappointment”, because I just ordered earlier this week! And with the current state of the world, I don’t think it’s going to be here any time soon. So sadly, we’re talking DIY again today, but we’re not exactly doing any… sorry about that. But look at all the cool stuff that we’ll be playing with soon! 

I’ll dedicate a blog to each of these chips, but hopefully it will culminate into either a couple synth modules, or a cool little synth voice. Either way I’m going to use these chips to flex my PCB and CAD creation muscles, and see if my breadboard skills are still up to snuff.

Electric Druid Blog
His blog is top notch.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that the website is really great, even outside of the super cool chips. The datasheets for the products are also well thought out, with application circuits I am absolutely going to recreate and tell my friends I “built it from scratch”.

There’s also tons of super informative blog posts on synths and electronics for sound design. There’s some good reading to be done here, even if there are year long gaps between blog postings. Tom should take a page out of my book and post extremely long winded unnecessary blog posts weekly. Who needs super informative, well crafted, interesting content when you’ve got QUANTITY. Learn up Tommy boy. 

Image showing 0 viewers for the website
Right right.. Maybe Tom's got the right idea.

ANYWAYS. As always, more to come next week. Hopefully one of my packages arrives and I can build something for you lovely people. I’ve been building lots of Faderbank 16ns, but no one wants to see any more of that. So until then, we’ll have to wait for the postman.

Again, SWN PCBs are en route, as are these lovely Electric Druid chips. Moving day is also fast approaching, meaning I’ll finally be taking on some bigger projects. I am going to leave the big old poll up for another week or two. Right now it is looking like the Buchla 208p clone is ahead… but Deckard’s Dream isn’t far behind!! What do you want to see me build!

ANNNNNNNNYWAYS for the the second time. Thanks for reading… Maybe I should do more videos? Maybe a giveaway. WHO KNOWS. Have a beauty week. 

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  1. Faye

    This just made my day! 😀
    As I intend to build SWN myself in the near future, I’m really looking forward to this build of yours.
    Are you still badass enough to handsolder it? 😉

    1. stevetravale

      Hahaha I am glad, thanks for reading!!

      But we will find out… My failure and or success will be well documented here!

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