DIY LYRA-8 Part 1: Build Diary #16

It’s finally happening! First it was a twinkle in Vlad’s eyes, now it’s a DIY project in my filthy little hands. Thank you Vlad.

Lyra-8 DIY PCB
Ready for action!

Getting Ready

So how tough is this project? Well, if the yellow solder mask doesn’t scream “caution”, the amount of components we’re dealing with sure should!… Sorry for the bad joke. Are caution signs yellow in other countries?

Anyway, how tough it is to throw together remains to be seen. As of writing this blog I have **SPOILERS** finished the control board, the resistors and most of the non-polarized caps on the main board. Either way, it hasn’t been a walk in the park, and troubleshooting will be interesting without schematics.

To make things a little easier with a project of this size, I recommend doing some light reading before bed. Here is your DIY LYRA-8 reading list:

Muffwiggler DIY-LYRA-8 Thread


Design Spark Lyra-8 Build – 2 Part Series


Jon Dent Blogspot  – 3 Part Series


Build Documentation from SOMA

Done reading? Good. Now here are a few other things to think about. How are you going to connect the main and control board? Dupont cables? String? Sheer power of will? What are you going to put everything in? Do you have a panel? Have you thought about the DIY LYRA-8 Expansions? Thanks again flounderguts over at Muffwiggler, you are the man.

My answers are, dupont cables and pin headers. SMD headers on the control board. Not sure what I’m putting it in, but I’m grabbing my panel from flundrton. No go for me on the expansions… maybe once this thing is making sound I can think about that.

As far as a BOM goes, I used the Mouser Cart link from SOMA. For the most part, it has been pretty good so far. One of the resistor values was wrong (75 ohm instead of 75k ohm, honest mistake), but other than that they amounts and values have been spot on. I’m not done with caps yet, so I will list all the discrepancies when I’m finished. Hopefully that was the only one!

The Control Board

Usually I would do something like the control board as a cute little celebration for completing the main board, but I don’t do a lot of through hole stuff, so I decided to start slow. I also wanted to try my new “solder from the top” method I picked up on the interwebs, and the control board seemed like a good guinea pig for this task!

Controller Board Start
Here we go! Multimeter ready for troubleshooting before it even begins.

And to be honest, it turned out really well. Now I don’t have to fumble and worry about loosing parts when I flip the PCB upside down. Plus, look how smooth those solder joints look! Damn, that’s some shiny lead. (Sorry RoHS, I’m not even sure what you stand for).

Controller PCB Solder From Top
Soldered from the top. Flip it around and....
Soldered from top DIY-LYRA 8 Controller Board
So smooth, so soldered.

And before you know it, the control board is done! And looking mighty fine if I do say so myself.

Soldered from top DIY-LYRA 8 Controller Board
No chips in sockets on the first night, I'm a gentlmen after all.

The Main Board

There’s a lot to solder, so my advice is really just to take your time. First I did the SMD chips, provided by the man Vlad himself. Remember, the angled side on the chip is where pin 1 is. There is no dot or indent on this chip, just that angled edge.

And before you know it, we’ve got them both in there, and a fistful of resistors to boot!

DIY LYRA-8 Main Board Start
Not too shabby! Only a couple hundred more things to solder.

And from here on out its just a matter of soldering on. Pun intended.

An hour or five later we have ourselves something that’s starting to look like something!

DIY LYRA-8 Board Populated Mostly
Uh oh... there's a problem. And the problem isn't how DOPE that CCP cap looks. So yellow.

Don’t be a goof like I was. Stop when you’re getting sleepy, take breaks. Then you won’t do things like solder film capacitors where there should be ceramic ones.

Mistaken Cap
01.mmP are correct, but the 0.1m...That should be ceramic.

I blame the weird “m” values on the silkscreen, and also maybe soldering a little longer than I should have.

For all you future DIY LYRA-8ers, remember: “m” is equal to uF. And if it says mmP, it should be a film capacitor, whereas the regular “m” should be ceramic. Gotta get these things right in a proper noise machine.

Next time on THE BLOG FILES

Well, we’re gonna finish building the LYRA-8, isn’t we ain’t we? Stick around, next Sunday there will be some more sweet sweet DIY LYRA-8 action.

Want something a little more bread-boardy? Check out the first part of the Druid Diaries, or maybe infamous SMR Build perhaps?

Keep it saucey out there folks, and have a beauty one!

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