Lil’ Update – Rechargeable EUROBURO?

What’s happenin’ crew? I’m sorry it has been so long since we spoke last, COVID is over and I’ve been travelling the world/the west coast of Amurrica. Thank goodness that awful pandemic is over, and now I just have a good old fashioned sore throat with a headache + a lil’ cough, nothing serious.

Just kidding… or the PCR test was lying! Look at this bridge.

Bixby Bridge
Ain't that gawwgeous? Forget about the VID' and get down with the coastline!

OK back to synthey.


I love my ZOIA EUROBURO, I’m going to do a techy review of it one of these days I swear, but until then feast your eyes on this idea.

WHAT IF, I grabbed a… let’s say… 8000mA battery, a USB-C recharge board, and a DC-DC voltage converter from Ali Express, slapped it into a 3d printed enclosure, and powered something like, say, I don’t know, my beloved EUROBURO?


First road bump, what on earth is this connector?


EUROBURO 9-12v Adapter
Looks like a normal one...

I first enlisted the help of some fellow wigglers, who pointed me in some good directions to start. You can check that thread out here.

The thoughts and idea were solid, but I decided to ask the team over at Empress if they had a part number. And they did me one better, which was awful sweet of them. They sent me over this little guy!


Thanks Steve, always appreciate a fellow Steve looking out for another Steve.

I’m sure you’re wondering my pretty little Paul Blog Mall Cops, does it, like, work?

Maybe, kinda. Like it does, but it’s still a work in progress OK? Get off my back.

Battery Powered EUROBRUO
Look at er' go!

It actually works surprisingly well. The above picture is of a test I ran. It went for about 12 hours with a ~100% CPU patch before I got tired and turned it off. So the battery life is SOLID.

So what am I working on? Two things, first the enclosure. It’s coming along well so far! Got a nice prototype done and I’m just waiting to sort out the power button.

EUROBURO Enclosure
Not half bad. GET IT?!

“BUT STEVE”. I hear you shouting.


It’s… weird. You can’t have the whole circuit hooked up to the EUROBURO when you flip the power switch; it won’t turn on. BUT, if you flip the power switch, wait a beat, then plug the connector in, it powers up fine.

A fantastic wiggler named guest (everyone in the SDIY community knows guest) has been amazing in helping me figure out why this is happening. Their thought is there is some sort of brownout detection on the module, and we’ve been working through some circuits that might fix that issue.

In a worst case/laziest scenario a 3 pole switch or two separate power switches will do the trick.

OK That's Fine. But Where Have You Been for Two and a Half Months?

If my sick California bridge pic wasn’t enough to explain my nearly three month hiatus, let’s let an image speak a thousand words.

If this picture means nothing to you, just understand that:

  1. It’s a video game pause screen
  2. The red circle is how long I’ve been playing the game

Sorry, it’s really good. I swear I’ll synth blog more once I’ve become an Elden Lord.

Until then, take care fellow tarnished. LOL NERD JOKES.


On the real keep it samesies, have a beeeeeeeeeauty week, and we’ll be bloggin’ with ya soon.

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